A story about a fictional rock star that I invented in my mind

So I am going to write another one of my deflections and completely fictional stories about a rock star that I invented in my mind. I have really created this entire rock star. He’s a fictional character that appears out of time and is shaped exactly according to my dark needs. He doesn’t have a name, though he’s known in the Indian literature as Kamsa, Krishna’s uncle.

You see Kamsa knew Krishna would come to this world and that he would be killed by Krishna, who comes to this world specifically to kill demons.  Knowing this, Kamsa imprisoned his sister and her husband and started murdering all their children, new born after new born. What a lovely thing to do.

It’s a jungle out there.

Anyway, Kamsa carried on with his already predestinate activities, after all Kamsa is a good philosopher. He convinces people. He even convinced his Holy Sister and his amazing Brother-In-Law that he was acting in good faith. Well who wouldn’t want to forgive their brothers and sisters.

Having murdered six of Krishna’s siblings, Kamsa de-incarcerated both of them and probably went back to his territory. I haven’t read the rest of it yet. You know Kamsa has to follow the command of the senses, otherwise people in the future will have nothing to do.  Of course he let the Holy Child go, but the other ones, the normal and godless children, it’s ok to kill them. No probs.

That’s what I’m here to talk about. The things you do because they were meant to be. That reminds of when WikiHero made Dotard win the elections because he was acting to whatever future he knew the world would have. The Simpsons said it, after all. We then have to follow.

Oh, sorry, I deflect. I said the rockstar I made up in my mind was named Kamsa at some point of his past. Kamsa is afraid of death, so he does what he came in for. And he is good. He convinces the people (I might have said that already).

The thing I most wanted to say though, is, it is ok if you have deals with him. I guess everybody had to deal with Kamsa at some point, for he once owned all the Kingdom and all the Land.

And if you’ve had dinners with Kamsa and his wife, did you make sure to check on them for me?

Anyway, here’s how the story ends: Kamsa owns all the land(ie)s. And he is willing to fight to keep all of them.


About Mari Cioffi

música, jornalismo, piadas desnecessárias e inglês com sotaque brasileiro proposital.
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