Strangely Charming

So how is it charmed, if strange is all I hear.

Anyway, here I am, a day in delay

To say charmed is the other extreme of strange.

Though I also hear distant into the distance

And nobody has said anything about distant.

Charmed it is, charmed it will be

I have nothing to fear.

Charmed it was, charmed it has been

Though no one’s seen what I saw.

Strange and distant, say the ones who like to see no future,

And the ones who are out on the look for something other than strange.

When your brain’s strange

It shows you the real sound behind states of matter,

and a state that we’d all like to forget.

So when I’m alone, because alone is also inculcated in strange and distant,

which we hear under severe distortions before loose, don’t forget,

I don’t feel alone

Because the other side is charmed,

And charmed I am

To always have somebody by my sides.

I can’t possibly ask anybody to understand it,

Therefore I have nobody but you who actually understand it.

Thanks for playing that role dear.

There’s no fear in being alone because alone is a state of matter which hasn’t quite been created.

At least they failed miserably.

sea of holes

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If you’re John Lennon then where’s your Yoko?

“Now I find myself in some sort of junction on the road, where I can take more than two (three actually) paths and I have to choose which path to go on. There’s nobody there and not even an animal, I’m just alone in a car and on the road.

These three paths shine different types of light on me, but if the lights separate I might go into repeat again; therefore, I feel there is no need to choose where to turn, because all I want to do is stand at this junction and observe. It’s night time and the road shines in moonlight. There’s no fear there, just some normal obscurity. So I stay there all night, just looking at the night sky from within my car. I parked by the road, on the grass. I’m drinking (I should have left that one out, but this is a dream so you can’t have dream police arrest you) and thinking. I’m wearing worn out boots. When the morning comes, it’s time to drive. A man comes and offers to keep me company. I think this man might be my animus. He’s plain, he’s not an old fatso, he’s a good friend and all he wants to do is to keep me company because he thinks although I’m able to go there myself it does not make any sense whatsoever that a person like me would not have company to get to where she wants to go which would sound outrageous when pronounced.

I already know where I’m going. There was never any doubt when I was standing at the junction, that was a service of contemplation. An exercise. And a good part of me will always contemplate and go back to this junction. I find the choice easy because the road is only one, and the different paths will lead to whatever destination I decided to go in the first place. So, we go. He really just wants to be of company because that is only logical”.

The junction is a reference to the Devil on the crossroad. The separation of light equals Sades battling Eros for dominance. The obscurity is the Moon. It’s normal. The grass is the fear of Death overcome by Mother Earth. Alcohol is sacrificial ritual, sacrificial blood. The boots are always Rock’n’Roll. Driving is getting on with your life. A man is your animus, always, if you’re a woman. Or if you’re a man but secretly living one of your past lives as a woman. The plain man is the simplification of the old man. The rest is all my opinion.


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To My Friend Franz

Franz is a nice young man. He’s always happy. He’s never sad. That’s how at least he would like or would prefer to be seen by many.

Franz always complains when he is not happy. But how can he complain when he’s not happy if he’s never not happy?

Franz would like some things to be different for him.

Franz, I would like that for me too. But not everything functions in perfect manners as I’m sure you can hear.

Franz Do you think you are to blame for other people’s deflections?

Franz, Love is always the same. When you ask me about how imma get through the day, I say to you, how can I not go by through the day when something that never changes is always on its way to never change? Love is that stable thing.

That’s all I want to say to you for now. Enjoy your day.

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A story about a fictional rock star that I invented in my mind

So I am going to write another one of my deflections and completely fictional stories about a rock star that I invented in my mind. I have really created this entire rock star. He’s a fictional character that appears out of time and is shaped exactly according to my dark needs. He doesn’t have a name, though he’s known in the Indian literature as Kamsa, Krishna’s uncle.

You see Kamsa knew Krishna would come to this world and that he would be killed by Krishna, who comes to this world specifically to kill demons.  Knowing this, Kamsa imprisoned his sister and her husband and started murdering all their children, new born after new born. What a lovely thing to do.

It’s a jungle out there.

Anyway, Kamsa carried on with his already predestinate activities, after all Kamsa is a good philosopher. He convinces people. He even convinced his Holy Sister and his amazing Brother-In-Law that he was acting in good faith. Well who wouldn’t want to forgive their brothers and sisters.

Having murdered six of Krishna’s siblings, Kamsa de-incarcerated both of them and probably went back to his territory. I haven’t read the rest of it yet. You know Kamsa has to follow the command of the senses, otherwise people in the future will have nothing to do.  Of course he let the Holy Child go, but the other ones, the normal and godless children, it’s ok to kill them. No probs.

That’s what I’m here to talk about. The things you do because they were meant to be. That reminds of when WikiHero made Dotard win the elections because he was acting to whatever future he knew the world would have. The Simpsons said it, after all. We then have to follow.

Oh, sorry, I deflect. I said the rockstar I made up in my mind was named Kamsa at some point of his past. Kamsa is afraid of death, so he does what he came in for. And he is good. He convinces the people (I might have said that already).

The thing I most wanted to say though, is, it is ok if you have deals with him. I guess everybody had to deal with Kamsa at some point, for he once owned all the Kingdom and all the Land.

And if you’ve had dinners with Kamsa and his wife, did you make sure to check on them for me?

Anyway, here’s how the story ends: Kamsa owns all the land(ie)s. And he is willing to fight to keep all of them.

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O inversor de visão

Funciona no começo da manhã e ao final dela. Talvez pare por algum segundo entre esses dois extremos, e pode reiniciar de novo nos dois quartos dos dois extremos. Funciona de novo na hora do almoço e ainda mais depois dele; refunciona no reinício da tarde e aumenta seu poder quando a tarde termina e reinicia de novo. Depois quando ela finalmente se apaga, quando ela bate o ponto e pode ir pra casa, aí está o inversor de novo. O que ele inverte? Ele inverte coisas. Coisas em geral. E continuando, a noite, a noite não pode ser dividida em nenhum pedaço. Tente. Veja o que acontece. Observe a linha do horizonte através da janela grande do seu carro e por entre as frestas que os prédios permitem, de dentro de todas suas bondades. Eles não pediram para estar ali. Informe-nos de seu tamanho.

O que? Diga de novo? O que, sobre o inversor? O inversor pode ser um instrumento de guerra, porém é o melhor instrumento para a compreensão de múltiplas realidades.

Como pode ISSO ser o melhor instrumento? Bem, ele te faz compreender as coisas pelo lado obscuro. Você acha que não pode mergulhar no escuro? Bem, o Universo é feito de luz com pequenos sóis negros?

O que, um exemplo? Tenho vários exemplos práticos. E se Josemari estivesse consciente do que estava fazendo? Ela fez isso de propósito? Quis me ensinar alguma lição? Mas, quem é ela para me ensinar uma lição? Bem, ela é minha amiga. Se não me esqueci ainda, tivemos algumas conversas legais à luz da lua. E eu lembro de tê-la visto sob uma atmosfera diferente. O que eu estava falando? Ah sim, ela não estava pronta para me ensinar uma lição. Quem ela pensa que é? Bem, considerando a extensão de Josemari, talvez ela saiba do que está falando.

Posso continuar eternamente.

Isso não se chama bipolaridade. Isso se chama dualidade. Corre em suas veias.

Bem, acho que isto não se caracteriza como uma pergunta sua. Mas eu quero te dar uma informação adicional. Posso? Posso, creio que isso te incomoda. Não me importo com situações conflituosas. Elas são consequências de processos. Se algo não deu certo no presente, pode dar certo no passado.

Como pode dar certo no passado? Só há brigas no passado! Só há sangue no passado!

Bem, use o inversor (ele possui um poder absurdo devido a certas máquinas) várias vezes, use quantas vezes precisar, e quem sabe você possa reinterpretar algo?

Todos a bordo. Desejamos-lhe uma boa viagem. Agora, preciso encontrar o caldo em cubos. Não sei onde está, nem se consigo encontrá-lo. Até mais.

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How to handle difficult tragedies

     Violence seems to become the norm. Every time we try to pull ourselves out of a difficult situation, something happens to restore you back to zero again. There, all the progress made is gone. Everything we fought for is worthless in a world of guns and violence.
     Tragedies will occur mostly at where it hurts. Directly in the Heart where all the hopes and learnings come from. They stab you right in the center of your being and you find yourself wondering again what this is all for. There is no meaning. There is only death and pain.
     Well I would like to ask permission to talk about the feelings which arise from tragedies. If you think this may help you, then read it. If you are not feeling in a place where you can forgive anything then please excuse me for these words and don’t take any of this into account.
     The first feeling that comes to you after a tragedy is looking for reasons why the tragedy happened, and these reasons are also of a cosmic nature. Or a metaphysical nature. Pay attention to what is metaphysical and what is concrete, material, when you’re out thinking about this. Thoughts are strong and they generate realities of different natures. Concrete or Abstract. Other than that, I’m sure you’ll find reasons when doing this search, and the reasons you find are for you and only for you.
    However, there is a very strong downside to this reflection process, which is a trap you are led to constantly. To blame yourself. Don’t take responsibility for other people’s mistakes. By taking responsibility for someone else’s absurd failures you are strengthening the other party and saying to them they don’t have to reconsider anything in their lives, for this was your mistake. So, I beg you please not to do this. It’s not your fault. It isn’t.
    Another problem the process of reflection generates is the projections for your future. How much will it hurt? How much will you have to change in your life? How are you possibly going to carry on? Well, this is maddening and it is paradoxical. There is no way of carrying on. A part of you dies. Things will NEVER be the same again. So, I think accepting that is a great and noble attitude towards your own well being  and health. And about future scenarios, when we disconnect from the present to generate future life images, we generate images that are full of feelings that we are experiencing at the moment; these feelings are, naturally, most likely all dark. This will disconnect you from yourself and leave many blank spaces. Don’t do this. Don’t fear reality. Face it. Facing it every day will make you a strong and more aware person. It won’t bring anything back, but it will help you with the things you have to do every day.
    And finally, don’t be mad at God; don’t be mad at the Universe. We are all just small human beings. We don’t know why tragedies happen. If, at first, getting mad will be a good escape valve, it will drag you down to depression later down the road. If you are looking for answers, search for them, and you will have them. If you are not, I suggest you do it later on so you don’t let the tragedy change who you are.
    The answer, can only be in Love.
    I apologize if I may have offended anyone. That was not my intention.
    All my Love to you.
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Chapter 20.09.17 – “I’m very far from having a normal life”

That’s what I said when I was asked about not sharing cakes and foods with people at the workplace. To be very honest with you, I don’t think this “normal” life will ever happen to me again. I have just accepted the fractions of reality and the fractions of interpretations that lie inside the seven chakras and the spine, and directed all my strength inside. It is not pleasant, I have to tell you. We don’t get to see these, but the wall of strength fighting against our spiritual development is enormous. The number of thoughts keeping us from accessing memories is just scary. Every time we try it, we stumble upon the thought, or the general feeling, that every little thing we discovered or tried in the past is wrong. It is not all wrong, but the direction we were moving was not quite right. So, it caused pain. And accessing it causes pain up to the day. The only way to really do it is strengthening your chakras and spine. So, let’s do it. “Disinflammate” your pretty insides.

Do I think this is possible? Honestly, every little fraction of time I try to answer this question, I always get interrupted by the thought “no way, I should instead forget what I’ve learned and move on with my life”. Moving on. I really don’t believe this thought because as I direct my current of energy to my insides, I discover that the number of creations of the mind to keep you away from doing your job and to keep your real thoughts away from your energy field is outraging. It erases knowledge and makes your mind go to places that are not new, they are just repetitions of the old patterns.

So yes, I think it’s absolutely possible. What I have to learn is what I began to know back then, but did not have the time to observe and to sustain and develop. When people are not in possession of their senses, they make bad choices and have no sense of self reflection. So, I see no problems in accelerating processes, and in giving myself away just for the sake of the job. The only bad thing I’d say is that it causes pain and then you have to work on your feelings all over again for a period of time, besides managing the choices people make from your teachings. The most difficult thing is that you have to see all these absurd tragedies and violence taking place and you have to make a real effort to understand why what happened happened the way it happened. And this is hard. And this is what is hard about directing your current all to your spine, also going to your chakras.

Keep going, Sister Mary. Don’t believe the tide of day. Learn to respect your body and your possibilities, don’t change the way you learn and stop trying to look for immediate compensations. This is a big mistake you’ve been making for years.

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